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Apr 13, 2022
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Kraft paper packaging has the advantages of easy processing, low cost, suitable for printing, light weight, foldable, non-toxic, tasteless, no pollution and so on.compostable ice cream spoons However, whether white kraft paper or yellow kraft paper packaging, there are also poor water resistance, poor moisture intensity.paper cup for coffee Can not be ignored shortcomings, which requires us to use kraft paper packaging, give full play to the advantages of kraft paper packaging. Classification of kraft paper packaging From the kraft paper packaging materials, kraft paper packaging can be divided into packaging kraft paper and kraft paper.paper gift bag General packaging kraft paper collectively referred to as kraft paper packaging. Kraft paper packaging performance mainly includes: high strength, low cost, good air permeability, wear resistance. Common kraft paper packaging shopping bags, file bags and so on. Grams of higher kraft paper surface smooth, clothing tags, file boxes, file bags, and so on, at the same time to natural raw materials for support, non-toxic kraft paper for food packaging. Cardboard raw materials and kraft paper are basically the same. We call it cow cardboard.24oz paper cup with lid The distinction with kraft paper depends on hardness, thickness, rigidity, easy processability. It is the main paper used to make cartons.cold drink cup with lid Kraft paper in high-end packaging design: Although there is no clear formula to guide the use of kraft paper in product packaging, we can look for some clues from some of the current popular product packaging. When designing packaging, we must capture people's attention. A: Then what shall we do on the brown paper packaging? 16inch pizza box Nowadays, the simple packaging of environmental protection box is more and more recognized by consumers, and kraft paper packaging has these two characteristics. When a product is packaged in kraft paper, since kraft paper is made of wood fiber, the packaging made from it can be completely recycled and reused many times over.4oz paper cup with lids These are incomparable with other packing materials. Because kraft paper has a special color, the color of kraft paper packaging materials customized for different brands is even more special. It is because of these characteristics of kraft paper, kraft paper packaging products often do not need particularly complex printing or design, only rely on kraft paper itself unique visual effects can achieve simple and high-end design concept.8boz paper cup Kraft paper design is just beginning in high-end packaging design. We believe that with the continuous penetration of environmental protection and simple style, kraft paper will be more and more widely used in high-end packaging design.
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